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None of us are immune to the possibility of debt
It can happen to any family or individual who may be managing quite successfully on their income, then a crisis occurs, and the family income falls drastically, or there is an unavoidable large increase in spending. There are many reasons for this. Sickness, unemployment, business collapse, a change in government benefit policy, a claw back of benefit already received and spent, or a much-needed car is written off are just some examples.

There can be a tendency to ignore growing debts and to leave mail unopened, so that the situation gets out of control, and there seems no way out. The sooner help is sought the better. Help is needed to determine whether there is any way that the balance of income and expenditure can be improved, and to hold off creditors until the situation improves.

What can a debt counsellor do for you?
Firstly, he or she will look at your income and expenditure. It may be that someone outside of the problem can see where savings can be made, and this may be all that is necessary. If you have large debts to repay, the counsellor will help you negotiate with your creditors to repay at a rate you can afford.

There are many debt-counselling agencies available, but make sure they are independent, free, confidential, and with trained staff.

You may want to contact:
Reading Frontline
58 London St, Reading
Tel: 0118 956 9300